Now, this isn’t really the time or place for us to be modest, so we’re not going to be. Here’s why you should use us to handle your digital marketing – freeing up your time so you can focus on what’s most important – your business.

1. We’re intelligent

It’s not really the done thing, is it – to talk about how smart you are. But given that our core team alone boasts both graduate and postgraduate degrees from institutions like the University of Oxford, the University of Durham, and the University of Manchester, we feel we can get away with it (just this once).

Now, we know intelligence alone doesn’t count for everything – but it certainly helps. Especially when you’re choosing who to trust with your business – it’s good to have the comfort that you’re dealing with people who can really understand. Plus, it’s reassuring to know we’re not going to let any silly mistakes slip through the net.

Most importantly, we’re smart enough to know what we don’t know – this is why we’ve spent years building up a network of trusted and quality partners who can fill in the gaps.

2. We know that marketing shouldn’t take place in a silo

Imagine if your marketing was coordinated across all platforms – so your social media was sending out the same message as your website, and your emails, and your print ads, and your press releases, PPC advertising, as well as the thousands of other ways your customers interact with you.

It’s all too easy to split marketing up into pieces – to have a social media manager moving in one direction, while your PR moves in another; or to run a promotion on Facebook without mentioning it on your website.

We make sure this doesn’t happen – by delivering marketing that fits with your overall plan, whether we’re managing your social media or your entire marketing strategy.

3. We can build a marketing strategy for you

If you don’t have a marketing strategy in place, we’ll help you build one – and it’ll be brilliant. One that delivers real growth for you and your business. After all, that’s why you market your business – and it’s the sole reason we’re here.

4. Or, we can work within your existing marketing plan

Of course, if you already have a marketing plan, we’ll make this the heart of everything we do – it’s all part of the big integration plan. Like we said – no more silos.

5. We have a wide range of contacts that can help both your business and ours

One of the smartest things we ever did was to find out what we’re not good at, and then build up our range of brilliant partners that could fill these gaps.

That’s why we can offer such a wide range of services – and why we can promise that whatever we deliver for your business, it will never suffer from a lack of quality. Whatever challenge you’re facing, ask us!

6. We know what it takes to run a successful business

Our core team all have experience of running businesses – in a wide range of sectors too. From consultancy to retail, hospitality to charity fundraising, we’ve built up a tremendous level of experience in-house. Use it to your advantage!

7. We are exceptional at Customer Service

And we know how important it is to successful marketing. It can also be highly damaging when handled badly – especially on Social Media. We’re good at de-escalating, and making sure a problem doesn’t turn into a crisis.

8. We have an incredible background in Sales, Marketing, and Communications

We’ve been on the cutting edge of some of the most challenging sectors; from high-ticket items in luxury retail, through charity fundraising campaigns, to quick-turnover hospitality, we’ve consistently delivered strong results however you measure it – leading to more sales.

9. We measure everything we do

Because it’s important to know how you’re performing. We work with you to set benchmarks, targets for growth, and then keep on measuring as we work. This way, we can fine-tune and optimise your marketing to squeeze every last drop out of your marketing spend.

10. You get regular reports on activity, as well as outcomes

You always know where you’re up to with our regular reports – showing where we started from, where we are now, and what we’re doing next. It’s the only way to make sure that your marketing is working for you – and helps us review performance and adapt.

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David has worked with countless UK charities, businesses, and schools - with a brilliant track record of helping them with their biggest challenges. David is the founder of the Impact group - including Impact Charity Advisors, Impact Business Advisors, and Impact Education Support.