Posted some Facebook Live videos?

Want some creative ways to reuse the videos in your marketing?


1. Download Your Live Video

Don’t know how?

Follow THIS guide.

2. Upload to other video sites

Once you’ve got your .mp4 file from Facebook, upload it to other video sites, like YouTube or Vimeo.

When you add your video to your YouTube channel, add in all your keyword-rich details to the description and tags.

7 Ways to Reuse Facebook Live Videos - Upload to YouTube


You can also use the YouTube video editor to polish up your video; add captions, overlays, music tracks, trim, clip, and rearrange your video until you’re happy.

3. Create a Facebook Live Video advert

This one is brilliant.

7 Ways to Reuse Facebook Live Videos - Create A Video Advert

At the moment (it’s August 2016), Facebook is pushing video ad content really hard. You can expect a wider reach than traditional Facebook Ad types – which means a lower CPM, and more engagement.

At the moment, Facebook is pushing video ad content really hard. Use this to your advantage. Click To Tweet

4. Embed on your website (use Facebook Embed iFrame option)

By default, Facebook lets you embed videos on third party sites (like your own).

Select the “embed” option from the video options menu, and add the code to your site – to a blog post, for example.

(Psst – want to know something BRILLIANT? Viewers of the video on your website get added to a Facebook Custom Audience so you can fire ads at them on Facebook. WHOA.)

5. Embed in your newsletter (use Facebook embed option)

This is the same as option 3 – but with the added bonus of making your email content much, MUCH, more interesting.

7 Ways To Reuse Your Facebook Live Videos - Email Marketing

6. Repurpose stills into blog

If your live video is more than just a talking head (which seems to be all I ever post…), then consider taking screenshots throughout the video and using them to illustrate a blog post.

Bonus points if you then embed the full video too, and collect all that lovely viewer data.

7. Repurpose stills into Slideshare

Marketing on LinkedIn can be such a ballache.

Marketing on LinkedIn can be such a ballache. Click To Tweet

So, give yourself a bit of a break – take the stills you created, and use them to create a new deck in Slideshare.

Use Facebook Live video stills to create a new deck in Slideshare. Click To Tweet

Instant LinkedIn marketing goodness.

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