In typical Facebook fashion, the ability to start a Live broadcast from your personal profile is being rolled out in stages.

Some of us have the option already:

Use Facebook Live From Your Personal Profile

Some of us don’t.

And some of us did have, then it disappeared, and will reappear again at some point.

Don’t ask me why this is the case, we just don’t know. But if your option has disappeared, don’t worry – it’ll be back soon.

(Sometimes all it takes is an app update; sometimes, reinstalling the app helps; sometimes, it’s entirely up to the Facebook monkeys.)

The same rules for Facebook Live still apply (check out this article to find out why you should get started on Facebook Live, if you haven’t already!) – it’s being pushed HARD in the Newsfeed algorithm, so use your personal Live posts to drive traffic to your site, your Facebook page, and any new content.

(Struggling for inspiration? Check out THE ULTIMATE LIST OF FACEBOOK LIVE CONTENT IDEAS!)

Let us know how you’re getting on – have you got Facebook Live on your personal profile yet? How are you using it to market your business?

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