Here’s something interesting:

Flipboard drives more traffic to our blog than any social media platform.

And this is true even though I’ve been *really* lazy about writing new blog posts.

I mean, for the past year, we’ve been pretty light on new content. I’ve been too distracted by other things: building the business; launching in London (hello Walthamstow!); building a community of kick-ass marketers on Facebook.

We still have a few solid posts online – evergreen content – that will always drive visitors to our site.

But, in terms of up-to-date relevant, fresh content, I’ve been pretty shite.

(This doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy – quite the opposite. We’ve been busy curating our Private Facebook Group, for example, as well as our Flipboard magazine. In fact, while you’re here, you should request access to the group. It’s free, and STUFFED FULL of awesome marketing tricks you can apply TODAY to your business.)

But, even despite my lack of attention, Flipboard STILL sends a pretty consistent stream of new visitors to our site.

And quality visitors too – lovely visitors, with a low bounce rate, and a fair few conversions along the way. Awesome. Seriously, Flipboard marketing is where it’s at.

Our Flipboard Marketing Strategy

So, how do we do it?

Well, here’s our Flipboard marketing strategy, in full:

  1. Find new, interesting, and relevant content
  2. Add it to our Flipboard magazine.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, that’s it.

Really – if you’re not taking advantage of Flipboard yet, you’re missing out.

Advanced Techniques

OK, so I might have been a little flippant with that strategy. You can, and probably should, get a bit more involved than this.

So here’s a few ideas to give you a boost:

  1. Find an unsupported niche for your magazine
    For us, it was *always* going to be Zero BS Marketing. I could rant for hours about how poor most digital marketing (and especially social media) advice is, so we wanted to create something that was as far from this as possible. And so, Zero BS Marketing was born. (P.S. Here’s our Flipboard magazine and our Private Facebook Group – have I mentioned that you should join up??)
  2. Curate content from other flipboards
    You can do this in-app, or even in-browser. But the important word here is “curate”. Be picky. Don’t just share any old shite. Take a look at our Zero BS Marketing magazine – I personally read every article before it goes into the mag. If it isn’t (a) cutting edge, and (b) actionable, it doesn’t make it in. Simple as that. Keep the quality high, and you’ll keep the readers interested.
  3. Add your own articles, but sparsely
    I don’t think there’s a quicker way to lose readers from a Flipboard magazine than just posting your own content. It’s not a substitute for your site. It’s a platform for sharing relevant content around an area of interest. So embrace variety, and share other people’s content.
  4. Install the Chrome extension
    It’s low-impact, so doesn’t really affect browser performance – but is the easiest way to add articles to your magazine. Get it here.
  5. Set a weekly target of flipped articles
    To keep the stream of new visitors flowing, you need to add new content to your magazine on a regular basis. Don’t just leave this for “when you remember to”. Set a target – write it down – and stick to it.

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