So, you might have heard us talk about our private Facebook Group.

Or we’ve probably ranted about how awesome it is.

Either way, if you haven’t joined yet, then you’re SERIOUSLY missing out.

Here’s the deal:

  1. It’s FREE to join
  2. It’s FULL of top marketing tips and tricks (especially about digital marketing)
  3. Everyone is bloody lovely.

Why did you start it?

If you’ve read any of our stuff, you’ll know there’s one thing we hate – and that’s rubbish marketing advice.

We hate it.

We hate people that peddle it.

You can’t build a business with motivational quotes.


So. We made a stand.

We started the group.

And fluff is banned.

Just serious, actionable, marketing tricks.

And lovely people. Brilliant, helpful, wonderful people.

Seriously – what are you waiting for?

JOIN NOW.Join Our Private Facebook Group Button


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David has worked with countless UK charities, businesses, and schools - with a brilliant track record of helping them with their biggest challenges. David is the founder of the Impact group - including Impact Charity Advisors, Impact Business Advisors, and Impact Education Support.