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  • Appear in Google Search

    Without good Local SEO, there's a strong chance potential customers won't see your website in Google search results - meaning they might not know you exist.

  • Appear in Google Maps

    You want to reach customers close to your business - this means you need to appear in Google Map search results too. Our Local SEO Service also includes optimising your maps listing.

  • Appear in The 3 Pack

    The 3 Pack is the most prominent space on Google search results - we can help get you listed, meaning you get the lion's share of enquiries.

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    Let's get your business in front of local customers - precisely when they're searching for your products or services.


    The ultimate aim is to get your website to appear above your competitors in search results.


    High search rankings means more site traffic to your business website.


    More traffic means more enquiries for your business.

    Local SEO Services Manchester and London


    Get hyper-local enquiries from customers near your business.


    Reviews are crucial to your SEO; we can help you build up more 5* reviews.


    The end goal - increasing your sales, and growing your business.

    Our Local SEO Services Include:

    This is where your entire SEO work starts.

    If you don't already know which search terms you want to appear for, don't worry.

    We can help you find the best search terms to target, taking into account the number of people searching for each term, how competitive each search term is (how many other websites are trying to appear high in the search results at the same time), and the buyer intent behind each search.

    This is where we work with you to make sure that your site is optimised for the keywords you want to appear for.

    We will analyse your existing site, and provide a report showing what is working - and more importantly, what is missing.

    We can then help you optimise your site, to give you the best possible chance to appear at the top of search results.

    Your website is only part of the SEO story - Google looks at hundreds of other signals from around the web when deciding how trustworthy your site is.

    This is called the Google Ecosystem - and it's important that your business is included, to make sure that you're on Google's radar.

    It includes thousands of different factors - such as business directory listings, the quality of websites that link to your site, the number of social shares of pages from your site, and consistency of your business name, address, and phone number.

    Our Local SEO services include analysing your off-site profile, identifying areas to improve, and delivering regular quality activity - all designed to let Google know it can trust your website; meaning that your site will climb higher in the search results.

    At present, over 80% of businesses either haven't claimed their Google My Business listing, have left it unverified, with incorrect details, or aren't actively managing their profile.

    As your Google My Business listing is a fundamental part of the Google Ecosystem, leaving it incorrect can seriously harm your performance in Google search results.

    As part of our Local SEO service, we make sure that your listing is claimed, verified, consistent, and active - providing very positive signals to Google that your business deserves to be included in their search results.

    Google treats links to your site as a useful signal that your site is important.

    A site that no one links to is unlikely to appear high in the search results.

    However, if your website receives links from untrustworthy sites, this can harm your site's performance in the search results too.

    That's why it's important to build genuine, high quality links, from relevant and high-authority sites.

    The way we use the web has evolved; we no longer rely solely on static websites to link to each other, and have moved towards dynamic sites, filled with user-generated content.

    As a result, Google now looks to Social Signals and Web 2.0 Properties to see how many people are talking about your website. The more active the conversations, the more authority Google gives to your website.

    It's important that your business is listed on business directory sites around the web, as they form a large part of the Google Ecosystem.

    However, it's not the quantity of listings that counts - it's the quality of the sites you're listed on.

    Also, it's essential that all the business directories have the correct information for your business - especially your Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP).

    Quite often, this is overlooked - particularly when you have changed your business phone number, changed office address, or have a number of different trading names.

    Inconsistent citations are taken as a sign that your business might not be genuine, and affects your performance in the search results.

    We can produce a full report of all the sites your business appears on, highlighting any inconsistencies.

    We also offer a cleanup service, where we work with the webmasters of each site to ensure that your information is correct and up to date.

    Often overlooked, collecting positive online reviews of your business is absolutely vital - not just because it shows Google that you are a trustworthy business, but also because potential customers look at reviews before making their decision.

    We offer a range of ways to manage your online reviews, including a service to request reviews from your existing customers, as well as monitoring the web for any mention of your business - so you can respond to any negative comments quickly, before they cause damage to your business reputation.


    Local SEO can be a minefield - working with us is easy.

    Step One

    Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

    The first step is to deep-dive into your ideal customer search behaviour, and learn what they're searching for. We have access to extensive search data, which lets us build a full picture of what people are searching for.

    Step Two

    Audit and Planning

    You might already be ranking for some search terms; you might already be appearing in maps, or the 3-Pack. We run a full audit to find out how you're performing already, then we know exactly what to do to build your rankings - and we build a tailored Local SEO plan bespoke to YOUR business.

    Step Three

    Execute and Monitor

    Once we've buil the plan, we get to the good stuff - the execution. We work hard to build up your Local SEO standings. and monitor how you're performing against your keywords. Every month, you get a full and comprehensive report showing you the progress your site has made.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, absolutely not.

    Many of the "appear on Page 1 of Google" services are nothing more than a scam.

    At best, they spend a small amount of money on an AdWords campaign.

    At worst, they employ dodgy "black hat" SEO tactics to try and game the system. Often, this results in your site being penalised by Google - even disappearing from search results altogether. It can be difficult, even impossible, to recover from this.

    No. Never.

    Absolutely not.

    We only use genuine, tried and tested, SEO methods - keeping your site protected, and performing well long into the future.

    We only ever wear white hats.

    Done properly, Local SEO takes time - it can take upwards of 3-6 months to start seeing meaningful results. As such, we require a minimum of three months to undertake the work for you - but the longer we work on your site, the better results you can expect.

    Appear in the Google 3 Pack - Local SEO

    What is "The 3 Pack"?

    When you search Google for a local business, it works out where you are based on your IP address (on both desktop and mobile) - and shows you results tailored to your location.

    That's why, if you search for a local business, often, the first thing you will see in the results is a map - with three local businesses listed underneath.

    This is called "The 3 Pack".

    It is also the prime location for your business to appear. Ideally, you want your business to appear here when potential customers are searching for your product or service. Our Local SEO Service can help bring you into The 3 Pack.

    Don't waste any more time - get your Local SEO in order.