Powered by caffeine, and an unrivalled determination to do the absolute best for our clients.

Headshot of David Trott, founder of Impact Business Advisors


As obsessed with digital marketing as he is with coffee, David is the original founder of Impact - and our resident northerner turned southerner. Most likely to be found either ranting about dull social media, or getting stuck in on clients' projects. He's got a big heart, and a dubious fashion sense. Regardless, he'll dish out free advice and expertise at the drop of a hat - just ask.



Every office needs an Emma - that's what we always say. Keeping us grounded, organised, and running smoothly, Emma is the real power behind the Impact brand. Absurdly talented, and also the owner of two tremendously successful businesses, we wonder how she finds the time to do it all. Our clients love her, and rightly so.



Bringing a sarcasm so sharp it can cut glass, Atina is the cultural pulse of the agency. If you want honesty, straight-talking, and utterly invaluable insight, then look no further. For those projects that need a little more bite, or when you're searching for campaigns with a bit more edge - there's no one we'd recommend more highly.



Liz is our in-house wordsmith, with a knack for finding pinpoint perfect turns of phrase for any situation. With an eye for detail, and an even sharper command of the finer points of syntax and grammar, we're yet to find copy she can't improve (including this!).



The undisputed king of brand activation, merchandising, and effortless charm. Russell tackles our creative challenges with a voracity that once seen, is never forgotten. Trust us - you want Russell on your side.