In July 2015, the legal profession in the UK took unprecedented action against the Ministry of Justice in order to protect Legal Aid from cuts. The campaign originated as a true grass-roots movement, led by front-line workers who were best placed to articulate the impact the proposed cuts would have on those dependent upon Legal Aid.

We assisted quite late into the campaign; some of the group had already organised themselves to take on the role of PR coordination, and were busy motivating colleagues to prepare #SaveLegalAid and #LegalAidHero posts for social media. A brilliant blog post explaining the reasoning behind the action was also created to support the messaging.

We were proud to assist with the preparation of both public-facing messaging, together with the creation of imagery to accompany the posts. The scale of the campaign was tremendous; faced with a difficult message to convey, the challenge was to articulate the concerns of the profession in as accessible a way as possible.

Working with the team, we developed short campaign motifs, placed on a series of graphics to raise awareness, provoke debate, and encourage sharing across all Social Media platforms:

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At the time of writing, the campaign is less than a day old – yet has already listed as “Currently Trending” on Twitter, and generated tens of thousands of impressions on Facebook.

A brilliant example of grassroots activism and digital marketing working hand-in-hand. And our incredible respect is due to those colleagues who led the campaign from the beginning – showing remarkable dedication and professionalism.

If you want to help the campaign, feel free to use any of the ready made tweets below – the more it is shared, the greater the impact.

Legal Aid means justice for all - *not* just the rich. #SaveLegalAid #SaveUKJustice #LegalAidHero Share on X Don't let the Government steal our right to a fair trial. #SaveLegalAid #SaveUKJustice #LegalAidHero Share on X Because no one should have to face the law alone. #SaveLegalAid #SaveUKJustice #LegalAidHero Share on X Because the vulnerable need help too. #SaveLegalAid #SaveUKJustice #LegalAidHero Share on X
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