Why your Restaurant should be on Social Media

At Impact, we work with a whole range of businesses to help them with their Social Media work – though our absolute favourite type of business to work with is restaurants and hospitality.

Now, at first we thought this was because of David’s love of (addiction to?) food, and that it would soon pass. But as we began to work with more and more restaurants, we realised that there are very real and immediate benefits to restaurants who really engage with social media in the right way.

Social Media is a great way to build relationships with your customers, and reach new diners – meaning that more people know about your restaurant. It also offers a brilliant opportunity to speak to your customers, old and new, in a way that makes them feel involved in the life of your business – and will keep them coming back time and again.

Reaching new customers

This is probably the most important part of Social Media for restaurants – reaching new potential customers, and engaging them in conversation.

Most restaurants are brilliant at speaking to their existing customers – the ones who have signed up to their mailing list, left their business card as a competition entry, or booked a table online. But to grow your restaurant, and keep the tables busy night after night, you need to reach more people. This is where social media can be really powerful – your activity online can help you reach customers in a simple, cost-effective, and meaningful way. And who wouldn’t want that?

Social Media for Restaurants - KittensBeing the shareable content

We’ve mentioned David’s love of food already – but it seems he’s not alone. In fact, pictures of food are one of the most common* images shared on social media. This means that your restaurant is literally making brilliant social media content on a plate, day after day.

(* Presumably after pictures of kittens, and otters holding hands)

The more shares you get, the more people you reach – and the more potential customers hear about your brand, see the incredible food you serve, and book tables at your restaurant.

Trust us – there are a LOT of businesses out there wishing they were in your position. Ever tried taking an interesting photo of civil engineering?**

(** David wants us to point out that he finds Civil Engineering very interesting, and that “actually, we can make it look awesome”.)

Growing your business

It’s as simple as this – the more people know about you, the more they will visit your restaurant. If you’re smart with your Social Media (and we are!), then you can also use this to ensure that they keep on coming back, time and again – and more importantly, tell their friends and followers to do the same.

The most powerful form of advertising is word of mouth – social media lets you harness this power, and use it to your restaurant’s advantage.

Social Media for Restaurants - Money

Be at the front of your customers’ minds

Speaking to customers regularly, and engaging with people through Social Media gets you to the front of your customers’ minds – which is exactly where you want your restaurant to be when they’re deciding where to book.

Get your Social Media right, and the customers will follow.

Be part of the conversation

Here’s one of the great things about Social Media – you can have real conversations with your customers, potential customers, and community. And we mean conversations that you might not otherwise know about, or have the chance to be involved in. These golden moments are the key to building up relationships and loyalty.

Ok, so why should you use Impact?

Because we know how to harness all of the above – and it’s not just about posting regularly, or replying to customers.

Most Social Media Managers will offer just that – a service that spits out messages regularly, answers anyone that mentions your brand, and follows relevant people. This is a great start, but it’s only half the battle.

If you want the absolute best Social Media for your restaurant, then you need someone who can add in some pure marketing sparkle – with tried and tested tricks for your messaging, a smart and evidence-based approach to timing, and brilliant creativity for hooking your customers in.

At Impact, we can offer all of this in abundance – we’ve managed social media for restaurants in a whole variety of situations; some in the midst of a PR crisis, restaurants at the top of their game, and newly opened restaurants that wanted to hit the ground running.

We’re so proud of our Social Media for Restaurants that we’re offering the first month at half-price. Get in touch now, and let’s grow your restaurant together!

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