How our Social Media Management Services work:

1. Learn

This is the most important part of the whole Social Media Management Services process – and we like to think we’re pretty good at it.

We spend some time with you, getting to know your business – how you work, what you’re good at, how you’d like to present your brand to customers and the wider world, and most crucially, your marketing strategy.

That last one is important – REALLY important.

Go on, ask us why.

2. Draft and Proof

After we’ve learnt about your business, we’re ready to draft some social media messages – we can do this for you, or work with you and include your suggestions. We’ll suggest timings, and depending on which service you’re using, include ideas for retweets and content curation.

Here’s the great thing – and we don’t like to boast, honestly – but we’re BRILLIANT at spelling. And punctuation. And grammar. Nothing ruins your online reputation quicker than rubbish spelling.

That’s why you want someone who knows the difference between “their” and “they’re”, “should of” and “should have”, or my particular favourite, “complimentary” and “complementary”.

And that’s before we mention apostrophes…

Don’t take a risk – use our Social Media Management Services.

3. Deliver

We’ll deliver your social media messages, on time, and as arranged, on the social media accounts agreed. Straightforward? Yes. Important? Absolutely.

4. Engage

Social Media doesn’t stop after you’ve posted something. Rather, this is where it begins. We’ll monitor your accounts, and engage with your customers and followers – all in line with your brand image, voicing, and marketing strategy.

Still not asked us why that’s important? Go on – ask!

5. Follow Up

Our Social Media Management Services are an ongoing task – and is a constant learning experience. We’ll come to recognise what works, what doesn’t, and adapt accordingly. We’ll check how much engagement you’re getting, and suggest ways to improve. If something works, we’ll know. Equally, if something doesn’t, we’ll make sure it’s noticed.

6. Repeat our Social Media Management Services – from the beginning!

This one’s fairly straightforward. We’ll take the lessons we’ve learnt from the first round, and adapt the services accordingly.

This way, our Social Media Management Services just get better the more you use them – no more copy-and-paste jobs, rabbiting the same old messages into the void. Just ever-improving social media management services that get better and better with time.

Don’t take any chances – free up your time, and get the best social media management services for your business. Book our services now!

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David has worked with countless UK charities, businesses, and schools - with a brilliant track record of helping them with their biggest challenges. David is the founder of the Impact group - including Impact Charity Advisors, Impact Business Advisors, and Impact Education Support.