Managing a brand’s social media activity can be a demanding and time-consuming endeavour for companies. Since it has well and truly become an integral part of almost all brands’ digital presence, managing rapidly growing social media presence is now a full-time job. From managing daily Content Marketing to monitoring and mediating interactions between customers and your brand, to actively running advertising on your social network of choice – it is understandable that many businesses often report feeling overwhelmed with the hive of activity that is social media.

Luckily, our incredible team of Social Media Managers will be able to help your brand get the most out of your social profile, while ensuring that your customers are engaged, feel valued, and enjoy interacting with your business.

Social Media Management: Why You Need the Best Social Media Manager Around

Many companies – especially those with a good follower base – will need to consider sharing the responsibilities of running their social presence with an agency that specialises in digital marketing. The expectations placed on Social Media have now gone beyond merely posting on your Facebook page every now and then. Increasingly, social media is a dynamic community of active users that need constant attention.

Social media is also fast becoming the centre where most consumers head when they are in need of customer service, hence turning a blind eye to your brand’s social media pages could not only be ill-advised but potentially disastrous.

However, even with constant attention lavished on a brand page, the possibility still remains that controversies and issues may arise – and it is in those times that brands really need an experienced social media manager to handle and solve the problem at hand.

Loyalty and engagement lies at the heart of any social media strategy, and while tools and analytics may help brands to maintain a grip on the fast pace of their social network, it is only through diligent planning, management and constant attention that their social presence will benefit their brand. And that’s the work of experienced social media manager.

Many smaller companies ask their employees to manage their social media accounts, as an alternative to hiring a professional social media manager. This strategy often backfires on several levels: distracting the employees from doing the actual jobs they are being paid for; and frequently doesn’t deliver the strategy that your business has put in place for your social media campaigns.

A Social Media Manager can win you new business

The advantages of a good social media campaign include cultivating a good online reputation for your company, creating new leads, increasing web traffic and ultimately increasing your company’s bottom line. To make the most of your online presence, ask us about our Social Media Manager service now.

Our Social Media Manager service will take charge of managing and building your online business presence. We make sure that you are visible online and help convert your target audience into loyal customers.

We are here to help you reach your goals. We help businesses manage their social media accounts effectively and turn your regular fans into engaging customers and help you win new leads. Don’t waste any time – get in touch with us now, and let’s get started!

Social Media Manager in Stockport and Greater Manchester

We’re particularly thrilled to work with local businesses in Stockport and Greater Manchester, and help them with their social media profiles. Stockport has a thriving online community, with the #StockportHour networking hour taking place on Twitter every Monday at 8pm – linked to the StockportHour online business directory.

Get in touch now if we can help you engage with the local community in Stockport and Greater Manchester – we’d love to help!


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