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One of the greatest things about Knutsford is the way the town supports innovation and entrepreneurship. We’ve mentioned a couple of times (ok, perhaps a little more often…) that we work with Knutsford Town Council and Cheshire East Council to run Knutsford Jelly – a free monthly coworking event for startups and homeworkers. We started this because we felt it so important to offer a place for entrepreneurship in Knutsford to thrive and grow. Inevitably, these events give rise to a lot of cross-collaboration and sharing of ideas and expertise between entrepreneurs; given our background and expertise, we often find ourselves helping out with Social Media Marketing – both in terms of why and how it should be done.

Social Media Marketing in Knutsford

Like other local towns, Knutsford has a thriving online community, especially on Twitter; a good number of the local Councillors are highly active online, and use their presence on Social Media to build relationships with their community, as well as share news and updates. Given how close-knit the town is (and always has been), it’s no surprise that a good number of residents are active online too.

Many local businesses are making good use of social media too – as a good way to link in to these conversations, reach new customers, and grow their business. We’re proud to have worked (and still work!) with a good number of local Knutsford businesses – both in terms of our Social Media Training and our Social Media Management services. As the town I grew up in, I love that we’re able to help local businesses with their digital marketing, and seeing them thrive online is a great feeling.

There is still a long way to go, however – social media marketing in Knutsford is still in its infancy; there are plenty of great examples of Knutsford businesses doing it right, but there are still a huge number of local businesses and groups who aren’t online, using social media, or engaging with their community.

It’s our mission to make sure that all Knutsford businesses are aware of the benefits of being on Social Media.

How to get started with Social Media Marketing in Knutsford

If any of these sound familiar, get in touch immediately!

  • I don’t even know where to start to get my business online
  • I don’t know whether Social Media is right for our business
  • We just don’t have the time to be on Social Media
  • We’re on Twitter / Facebook, but don’t know if we’re doing it right
  • We don’t have many followers / likes – sometimes it feels like we’re talking to ourselves online!
  • We’ve run adverts, but they haven’t been successful
  • I don’t know what Social Media Marketing is!

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