This isn’t an article about what Facebook Live is.

This isn’t about the importance of video as a way to tell your story, capture attention, or explain difficult concepts.

This is about why you need to embrace Facebook Live as a way to create and distribute content for your business.

Why you need to embrace Facebook Live as a way to create and distribute content for your business. Click To Tweet

This is where we destroy all your objections and feeble excuses about getting started with live broadcasting.

Plus, a mini bonus section with the Top 5 Tips to get started.

Why should I use Facebook Live, rather than a prerecorded video?

In short, because Facebook prefers live.

And because it prefers Live, it pushes it harder in its own newsfeed algorithm.

Because Facebook prefers Live video, it pushes it harder in its own newsfeed algorithm. Click To Tweet

And this means more people get to see it – it appears in more news feeds.

So – take advantage of the algorithm, and get a wider reach. Simple as that.

Won’t the videos end up a bit crap, though? I spend hours editing video content for YouTube, making it look polished. Surely I can’t expect a Facebook Live video to have the same quality?

Yes (they’ll seem a bit crap by comparison), and no (you shouldn’t expect them to have the same quality as a dedicated production).

They’re meant to be a bit rough and ready, that’s the point.

Facebook want to enhance connections between people – and there’s no denying it, raw live video certainly does that – so focus more on content than production.

Facebook Live: focus more on content than production. Click To Tweet

I’ve only got an old [iPhone 5 / Nexus / Samsung Galaxy / HTC].

Doesn’t matter. Use it. It’s fine.

But what if it goes wrong? I’ll look like an idiot!

Yep, that’s half the fun. Embrace it. Don’t worry about it. Just don’t punch puppies in the face live on camera, and you’ll be fine.

Or vomit. Definitely don’t vomit. Unless it’s relevant to your business somehow.

Yeah, but I’ll forget what to say.

Probably, yeah. At least once per video. And sometimes you’ll ramble incoherently.

And sometimes you’ll say something stupid, like “irregardless“, or “should of“.

Forget about it, it’s fine.

What if can’t think of anything to post about in the first place?

Oh COME ON. Try harder.

Read THIS article from Buffer. Apply these ideas to video instead of written content.

See? Easy.


I haven’t washed today, though.

Uuurgh. Go and wash.

OK, 5 Top Tips to get you started:

1. Practise.

No getting away from this one. Give it a go – just hit that “Go Live” button.

OK, not quite ready yet? Then change your privacy settings on the post before you Go Live – change it to “Only Me”. Then experiment to your heart’s content, knowing that you’re the only person that will ever see it.

Until you let someone borrow your phone, of course. But that’s not our fault.

2. It’s meant to be raw

Honestly, honestly, honestly, can’t emphasise this enough. Don’t chase high-production values. Just record video “in the moment”.

Facebook Live: don't chase high-production values. Just go for it. Click To Tweet

Having said that, this isn’t an excuse to produce utter drivel.

Make sure you can be seen (if you’re talking to camera), and you can be heard (if you’re talking).

Try not to wobble about too much, unless you’re selling motion sickness medication – in which case, go for it.

3. Have an outline (not a script)

So, you’re DEFINITELY going to ramble.

But, if there’s one thing worse than a rambler, it’s an automaton.

Don’t read verbatim from a script – it sounds dull (really – try it and see), and viewers will switch off. Don’t waste all that good algorithm reach.

Instead, if you want a prompt, put down some bullet points. Then let your heart run wild and free.

(But don’t vomit).

4. Don’t look at yourself.


When you go live, you’re gonna see the live feed of your video (normally your own face), above a live feed of viewers’ comments.


I can’t bear it because it means you’re not making eye contact with the camera.

And if you’re not making eye contact with the camera, you’re not making eye contact with your viewers.

If you're not looking at the camera, you're not looking at your viewers. Click To Tweet


(Plus, if you’re looking at yourself, your mind will wander and you’ll get distracted:

Whoa, my beard looks proper ginger in this light. Maybe I should try and get people to call me ‘Firebeard’ again. Yeah, I’m gonna do that.”

What’s with all my weird hand gestures? Why do I keep making a claw with my right hand? God, that’s annoying.

I should lose weight.“)

5. Repeat.

This one doesn’t need any explanation. Just do it. Again, and again, and again. Before you know it, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.

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